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The News Literacy Project is now recruiting journalists for its Newsroom to Classroom program. Through the program journalists can connect, in person or online, with educators and students in your community, across the United States or around the world. These sessions will demystify the practice of quality journalism, demonstrate how to think critically about misinformation and encourage an appreciation of the vital role of a free press in a robust democracy. Providing these authentic, interactive and personal learning experiences to our educators and students is critical to our mission.


This volunteer opportunity is an outgrowth of journalist visits that were a central part of our initial in-person classroom and after-school programs. Since we moved our curriculum online in 2016, thousands of educators throughout the United States and in more than 100 other countries have used ourCheckology® virtual classroom to teach many thousands of students how to know what to believe. While journalists do serve as lesson hosts on video, the impact that you can have on our teachers and students through the Newsroom to Classroom program’s one-on-one live sessions is unique and invaluable.


Here's how it works:

·         You apply to volunteer for Newsroom to Classroom at

·         Once your application is approved, you complete a short online orientation to the program.

·         The profiles of journalist volunteers are listed in an online directory accessible to Checkology  Premium educators and NLP staff (and no one else).

·         When an educator invites you to participate in a Classroom Connection, you will receive an email from Checkology.

·         If you accept the request, you email the educator directly to work out the details.


The application includes information that will be included in your directory profile, including a link to your biography (on your or your news organization’s website or your LinkedIn page) and the topics you’re most interesting in exploring with students. We also ask about your general availability and the approximate number of visits per year you’re interested in doing.


There’s no pressure: You can do as many — or as few — visits as your schedule permits, and you can pause your participation at any point. Once your application has been approved and you have completed orientation, you will have everything you need to begin making an impact by teaching students how to sort fact from fiction and become savvy consumers (and producers) of news and other information.